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  •  Our founder was previously a Senior Fellow in Product Lifecycle and Data Management at a major Aerospace and Defense manufacturing company. In this capacity he engaged in strategic tasks aimed at changing the way business controls and consumes data. A significant emphasis in recent years has been data forensic analysis in support of export compliance matters. 
  • Recent successful projects leveraged deep knowledge of International Trade Compliance and aimed to control of Technical Data in context of business collaborations between US and non-US companies. Through leading diverse teams and collaborations with others we provided data analysis that involved extraction of data from formal Product Lifecycle Management tools as well as other data systems containing pertinent data. This ability to combine the data in a meaningful manner, allowed for recognition of patterns of behavior and was key to at least one export investigation. This deep seated knowledge of business data, how it is configuration managed and consumed, is key to business process improvement that remains export compliant.
  • We successfully migrated data in support of a business acquisition. This involved identification of business relevant data, manipulation of that data in preparation for and subsequent loading of the data. This allowed the business to operate in a new data system while retaining the data and data history from the old system and to also carry forward export classification data.

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